Mistress Ayla Reid BDSM Dominatrix Melbourne
Mistress Ayla Reid BDSM Dominatrix Melbourne
Miss Ayla Reid Professional Domainatrix Melbourne

Professional Female Dominatrix based in Melbourne

Let’s play!

I will fulfil your deepest desires.

I specialise in giving individuals fulfilment of their most intricate and profound desires, creating an environment where complete surrender and exploration are not only encouraged but expertly facilitated.
Throughout our session, I will maintain an unwavering stance of authority, exuding both firmness and power, yet I remain approachable, with a compassionate and nurturing demeanour. 

Prior to each session, thorough consultation and open communication are paramount. Free from judgment this enables the development of a meticulously tailored session plan, ensuring that our time together is optimised for satisfaction on both ends. Emphasising the principles of safe, sane, and consensual play, all sessions consist of safe words. 

My sessions are inclusive to individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, and experience levels. However, it is important to note that my services do not extend to full-service sex.

Recognised as a true master of my craft, my sessions promise an unforgettable experience, characterised by unparalleled skill and artistry.

In addition to my prowess during sessions, I serve as a mentor, educator, and advocate in the realm of BDSM. My dedication extends beyond the confines of the dungeon as I share my expertise teaching and guiding others on their journey. 




7 Days


BDSM Sessions


Social Dates

Place of Service

Incall & Outcall

Extended Sessions


Tour Dates


June 1st - June 25th

You'll be bound.

Bondage & Restraints

Worship my feet.

Foot Fetish

I'll dress you up.


Feel degraded.


I have all kinds of toys.

Pegging & Anal Play

Can you handle the pain?

Impact Play

I'll lock you up.

Chastity Devices

I'll cover you in my spit.

Spitting Fetish

You'll be my pet.

Pet Play

I have various outfits.

Latex & Leather

I'll lock you up.

Caging & Isolation

Sample my Champagne.

Water Sports


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